Updates + 2nd birthday party (coming soon!)

The parents decided a move was necessary. Mom’s new work, Dad’s new school, Dad’s hopefully future new job. So we bought a new space with tons of crunchy leaves over a lot more land. And yes, I decided to go out with no shoes despite my current obsession with shoes, shoes, shoes. I love the tactile-ness of shoving my hands in birdseed and throwing it, so Mom lets me throw some to the birds every couple of days at the new place. Benefits of living in the country!

New house

Me at the new house, January 2015

We’re coming up on my second birthday pretty soon. Last year, we traveled 12+ hours to Florida for a nautical themed first birthday with family. This year that isn’t in the cards. Instead, we’re staying local and celebrating after service at our fellowship. Mom promised Chipotle, and–of course–she’s making sure its all vegan. I devour the sofritas almost as quickly as I devour bananas. We’re still working on the cake situation, but pretty sure we’re going to pick it up from Sweet Sabine’s, even if it is a bit of a drive. They make amazing vegan cupcakes!

I really don’t need gifts; I want your attention! But if you’re interested in gift giving at the party, feel free to get me anything off my list! Just be aware that I don’t wear anything that isn’t a natural fiber (too many issues with microplastics and environmental friendliness).

  • A kiddie basketball hoop
  • Books about friendship, animals, and the environment
  • Stacking toys (I love knocking them down)
  • Soccer balls, basketballs, things I can throw (maybe a bowling set?)
  • Things that let me explore nature (a magnifying glass maybe?)
  • Anything monkey related (I love Curious George!)
  • A recorder or a drum (I already love playing my piano)

I hope that gives y’all some ideas, but what I really want is you there! Talk to Mom if you want to come and she’ll give you the details.

Great Vegan Snacks for Toddlers: Cruncha ma-me Edamame Veggie Snack

Picky toddlerhood means I love almond yogurt one day and ignore it the next. But there are a few staples I go for regularly. Vegan toddlerhood means many traditional snacks are off the table. Gummy fruit snacks? Finding one without gelatin is difficult. Cheddar squares? Not unless its Earth Balance brand.

So what do I eat? Well, right now I’m chowing down on delicious Cruncha ma-me Edamame Veggie Snack, Sea Salt and Black Pepper, 0.7 Ounce Pouches (Pack of 8). I love picking each edamame half out of the bag and putting it in a bowl, then eating them from the bowl. The parents can’t help me with the whole bowl transfer thing…I demand to do it myself.

These freeze dried edamame treats are yummy! It has more protein than an egg (with none of the cruelty) and the same fiber as an apple.

I hope to share with you more of the snacks I love in the coming weeks. My schedule is about to get a whole lot calmer so I hope to post more for you!


Rounding Out My First Year

Rounding Out My First Year

Sure, my birth date just passed (March 4th!) but I’m waiting to celebrate with grandparents this coming weekend in Florida. I’ll hold off on the big celebration stuff till then.

It’s been a few months since I last posted. Mom credits that to her and Dad being super busy. She’s been taking grad classes for extra certification and he’s been busy watching me and my antics. That’s left us little time to write!

What’s changed? Here are the quick updates:

Well, I’m an avid kazoo player now. Mom and Dad bought me a tambourine, a wood block, a harmonica, and a kazoo. So far, the kazoo is my favorite.

I hit a big milestone! I started walking at 11 months. A few timid steps before then, but now I’m really cruising. I can now officially say this is toddler life, not baby life.

When requested (and when I feel like it), I can identify where my head is on command. But I refuse to do it when someone other than the parents are watching. I refuse to learn where my shoulders, knees, and toes are…isn’t the head good enough?!

We started going to a new church. Everybody knows my name! I’m one of only two babies there. I like that I can roam around the sanctuary. I even show off my ability to walk on sloped surfaces.

I got an awesome bike from Aunt S, Uncle K, and Cousin V. I can’t peddle it quite yet, but I love jumping into the seat and yelling at them to push me around the yard and driveway.

This fall, I’m going to start preschool! The parents found me a Montessori school. So between now and September, I have to add a bunch of uniforms to my wardrobe. Polos and khakis! Which I already wear but now have an excuse to own more of!

I spend my days chilling in my castle. My godparents got me an awesome castle tent. I drag all my toys into it and camp out.

And the biggest one of all…*drumroll* I pottied in the kiddie potty for the first time today! Yay me!



Moving Up to a Sippy Cup

Moving Up to a Sippy Cup

Sippy cups were made for chewing

So life moves on. I get bigger. I learn new things.

At my 9 month checkup this month, I weighed in at just under 17 lbs…I was sick the prior week so the weight loss wasn’t too worrisome. Height wise, I’m still looking good! 30 inches. That puts me in the 5th percentile for weight and the 95th for height. Still tall and lean!

In other news, I’m moving on over to the World of Sippy Cups. The parents thought I was ready since I seem to have a fascination with drinking bath water out of one of my toy cups. (I don’t know why they think that’s gross!) I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but I’m almost there with my new sippy. At worst, its a new chew toy. I can always scream until they give me bottle or boob, right?

On the food front, I’m happily gnawing on lots of things with my FIVE, yes count them, FIVE teeth. Most mornings, I eat breakfast with the parents before they head to work (if I’m not sleeping in too late). Cheerios, bananas, ethical eggs from backyard chickens, beans, peanut butter, noodles, pasta (tomato sauce is my favorite), toast…whatever they eat, I eat. And yes, that list includes some allergenic foods on them. But new research suggests that if I eat allergenic foods before age 1 that I have a reduced chance of being allergic to them. Since I’ve shown no negative side effects so far, I’d say we’re good!

In travel news, I hear I’m heading up to Indianapolis to see family for Christmas. I will conquer the snow! My cousin may have a leg up in the snowball fight just because she’s been handling it for a few more months than me, but I will prevail!


Fall Fun


Life at eight months has been pretty good. No new pesky teeth putting me in a foul mood, so I have a lot more energy to spend on exploring rather than whining.

I’m on the verge of walking. I climb anything and everything while trying to figure out how my feet work. Today, I just learned how to make my walker move forward. That’s a step forward!

Four teeth total means I can chomp on new foods. I’m now reliably eating at least one non milk meal a day, sometimes two or three times with Mom and Dad. My favorite breakfast is lemon pepper tofu and drunken Cheerios (soy milk soggy for easy gumming). At lunch, I eat a bit of whatever food the parents eat. Same goes for dinner. This last week, I discovered I have a love for all things spicy. Salsa? Love it. Hot and sour soup? Give me more!
I’m also learning not to bite. I lunged for Daddy’s chest and Mommy’s arm recently. Mom yelped and I started to cry because she startled me. Oh well, I’m getting better at figuring out when to use my teeth and when not to.